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Riccione Terme

RICCIONE TERME has successfully developed its spa activities using spring waters for treatments since the 80s.

It is set in a 40,000 m² park, just a stone’s throw from the sea, the spa also has a beauty and wellness centre.

Its precious spring waters, rich in sulphur, iodine, bromine, sodium chloride and magnesium are used for inhalations, massages, mud baths, and rhinogenous deafness. A leading medical equipe employs them for prevention and cure, along with mud matured in thermal water, with real and visible results.

Wellness Beach

The Wellness Beach (zone 49 – 50) is the only beach in Riccione with Hydro-massage, Pool and Vascular Treatment Paths with Hot Springs that come from Riccione Terme spa centre.

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