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GREEN PEARL OF THE ADRIATIC: sparkling and worldly; viale Ceccarini: the living room of the Riviera, with its boutiques and shops, cafes, pubs, clubs and discos is the protagonist of the holidays.

An ideal destination for young people who like to meet and make new friends and for families, who find beaches of fine sand, wide and safe, well equipped.

Shopping in Riccione is a journey to the planet of news, fashions and trends.

After an aperitif in the bars and pubs of the city, music and entertainment become the companions of an intoxicating journey.

The night of Riccione is the emotion of an unforgettable memory.

Places of every taste, open at all hours, offer tourists the scent of happiness and worldliness.

And, like every year, there will be moments of pure fun, with shows and performances by great artists and concerts that will enliven the evenings of the event.

It is the ideal location to prolong the relaxing pleasure of summer holiday.

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